Consumers’ Top Loyalty Program Benefits, November 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Consumers’ Top Loyalty Program Benefits

What loyalty program benefits matter to consumers? A new global study released by Nielsen reveals that while (unsurprisingly) a leading 75% of online respondents are attracted to the discounted or free products offered by loyalty programs, there are other benefits that carry some heft, too. Some 44% indicated that enhanced customer service matters to them, and a similar 42% agree with respect to free shipping. There are some striking regional differences in attitudes.

Although discounts and free products appeal to a similar share of respondents across regions, enhanced customer service matter to a high of 59% of respondents in Latin America, but just 24% in North America. And while free shipping is recognized by a relatively standard proportion of respondents, the allure of exclusive products or events appears much greater to Latin Americans (41%) than Europeans (22%) and North Americans (25%). The same applies for special shopping hours, which 25% of respondents overall see as a benefit that matters, but which is attractive to only 11% of Europeans and 12% of North Americans. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.