Comparative Estimates Of US Digital Sponsorship Ad Spending, 2012-2017 [TABLE]

Table - Comparative Estimates Of US Digital Sponsorship Ad Spending

For some publishers, the approach may be working. eMarketer estimates that newspapers and magazines will see digital ad revenue growth increase 5.6% and 13.3%, respectively, this year, according to new figures.

These gains are most prevalent among digital-only publications such as Vice Media, Buzzfeed, Mashable and others who are willing to experiment with the customized, so-called “native” executions heavily integrated with editorial. (Editor’s note: the definition of a “native” ad is nonstandard, and eMarketer considers placements such as Facebook’s Sponsored Stories or Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, which some have characterized as native, as display advertising but not as sponsorships.) Read the rest at eMarketer.