SMBs' Perceived ROI Of Twitter Advertising, November 2013 [CHART]

Chart - SMBs' Perceived ROI Of Twitter Advertising

Almost one-quarter SMBs use Twitter for advertising and promotion, up from 22% last year and 16% the year before, according to newly-released data from BIA/Kelsey. SMBs may be gravitating to Twitter advertising in greater numbers due to its increasing value: this year, 31.1% of those advertising on Twitter perceived their ROI as “excellent” (10-19 times spend; 18.8%) or “extraordinary” (20+ times spend; 12.3%), up from 25% of advertisers in last year’s survey and 17.1% in 2011.

More SMBs are also reporting higher quality leads from Twitter: in this latest survey, 25.7% rated the quality of lead sources from Twitter as “good” or “excellent,” versus 22.8% in last year’s survey. Among the 33.8% of SMBs who use Twitter, 47% reported posting updates on a daily basis, with another 31% updating on at least a weekly basis. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.