Top Bandwidth Hogs, H1 vs H2 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Top Bandwidth Hogs

Netflix continues to be the dominant application when it comes to North American downstream traffic during peak period, according to Sandvine’s “Global Internet Phenomena Report: 2H 2013”. At 31.62% of traffic, Netflix’s share weakened slightly from the H1 report (32.25%), although the researchers expect that share to rise again in subsequent studies, now that Netflix offers SuperHD content to all subscribers. YouTube grew to capture 18.69% share of traffic, from 17.11% in the H1 report and 14.8% this time last year. But its leading share on mobile networks has tumbled.

In this latest report, Sandvine says that YouTube accounted for 17.7% share of peak downstream traffic on mobile networks. That’s down from 27.3% in the H1 report and 31% in the H2 2012 report. Those are interesting figures, given that Google recently reported that 40% of its traffic now comes from mobile devices. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.