Americans' Daily Discretionary Spending By Marital Status, January-September 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Americans' Daily Discretionary Spending By Marital Status

Married Americans say they spend more money on a daily basis than Americans in any other marital status category, according to Gallup. Based on surveys conducted from January through September, Gallup found that married respondents reported spending a daily average of $102, an amount higher than claimed by those living in domestic partnerships ($98), the divorced ($74), singles who have never been married ($67), and those who are widowed ($62). The figures are based on reports of the total amount spent “yesterday,” excluding major purchases and normal monthly bills.

They are therefore meant as an estimate of discretionary spending.

Married respondents reported outspending singles across every age group. The gap was particularly acute in the 18-24 bracket, where married respondents claimed $105 in daily spending, versus $54 for singles. Although data was not available for each age group, some of the other notable gaps were in the 40-44 ($123 for marrieds; $81 for singles) and 60-64 ($98 for marrieds; $63 for singles) demos. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.