US Marketers vs. Consumers Who Find Marketing Channels Valuable, July 2013 [TABLE]

Table - US Marketers vs. Consumers Who Find Marketing Channels Valuable

With an ever-growing list of channels for brands to connect with their audiences, it seems rational to expect that advertising and marketing campaigns are in a constant state of improvement. But what if these campaigns are fundamentally misaligned with consumer expectations? That was the question asked by marketing technology company x+1 and marketing research firm Research Now in their report, “The Marketer’s Playbook: Aligning market strategies with consumer expectations.” The companies surveyed consumers and marketers from companies of all sizes in the US in July 2013.

The poll found that one-quarter of consumers indicated they got the most help in making purchase decisions from messages delivered via email, making it the most valuable channel overall. But there was a sharp dropoff in the next channel, with only 16% of consumers seeing utility in messages coming through a personalized web experience. Mobile channels fared even worse in consumers’ estimation—6% thought mobile ads were useful, 5% said the same about mobile apps and only 2% thought SMS messages were helpful. Read the rest at eMarketer.