Social Networks Used By Baby Boomers & Silent Generation, September 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Social Networks Used By Baby Boomers & Silent Generation

According to McAfee, 97% of adults ages 50 to 75 go online daily. Most use the internet primarily to make online purchases, access bank accounts, pay bills, and take care of other personal and business-related tasks. Still, eight in 10 are active on social networks as well, with over a third logging on to social networking sites daily.

Facebook is the most popular social network among this demographic—three-quarters report using the site compared to a paltry 35% and 22% using Google+ and Twitter, respectively. Despite shying away from more controversial social networking tools like Snapchat, a platform built with the express purpose of transmitting then deleting racy photos in 10 seconds or less, older users are still susceptible to drama on social sites. Read the rest at eMarketer.