Gaps In Online Marketing Talent, November 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Gaps In Online Marketing TalentFewer than 1 in 10 large enterprise/brand organizations rate their marketing team’s current digital marketing knowledge as strong across all digital areas, finds a study by the Online Marketing Institute conducted with ClickZ and Kelly Services. That’s not to say that there are deficiencies all around, but rather that the team is strong in some digital areas, but weak or mediocre in others, according to 7 in 10 respondents. Confidence is lacking in some areas more than others.

Currently, about 3 in 4 respondents consider it important or very important for applicants to have analytics skills, but only 37% believe that their current employees are stronger or much stronger compared to the competition. Email marketing is the next-most important skill for applicants (73% considering it important) – and while respondents are a bit more confident in their employees, only 46% believe them to be stronger than other teams. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.