Effect Of Celebrity Cause Marketing, November 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Effect Of Celebrity Cause Marketing

45% of US adults believe that celebrities can make either a large (11%) or some (33%) positive difference to issues they are promoting, but a greater proportion (51%) feel that they make little to no difference, per results from a study by Harris Interactive. Interestingly, respondents were more convinced of celebrities’ potential negative impact: 55% believe that celebrities’ negative publicity can have a somewhat (35%) or very (20%) damaging impact on the issue they’re promoting.

The study follows research suggesting that celebrities don’t have much influence over consumers when it comes to marketing campaigns. In a study of global consumers’ responses to advertising messages, Nielsen recently found that while humor resonates with a leading 47% of respondents, celebrity (12%) and athlete (8%) endorsements resonate with the fewest consumers. Another study – from Boston Consulting Group, reported by MediaPost – indicates that celebrity endorsements garner less trust from consumers around the world than any other type of brand promotion. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.