Mobile Retail Site Performance, November 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Mobile Retail Site Performance

The top 100 US retail websites (as ranked by have some work to do in improving their mobile site performance, although there are some encouraging signs, finds Radware in a new report. From an iPhone 4s, the median mobile site took 4.33 seconds to load, far quicker than the median full site page load time of 7.84, but still well below Google’s recommendation of 1 second or less. The researchers point out that some mobile sites aren’t offering users the option to view the full site.

Specifically, 80% of the companies tracked have a mobile-specific site, up slightly from 76% last year. But, of those mobile sites, 21% don’t offer full site access. That’s a mistake, say the study authors, because many mobile sites don’t offer the same experience and content as full sites. Citing 3rd-party data, the researchers argue that many mobile users want to visit the full site, also pointing to the case of one online retailer which found the bulk of its revenue from mobile users coming from those visiting its full site on their devices. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.