Top Factors Driving Increased Spending On Multi-Screen Campaigns, November 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Top Factors Driving Increased Spending On Multi-Screen Campaigns

By 2016, 88% of client-side marketers, media sellers and agencies believe that integrated multi-screen campaigns will be very important for effectively delivering a marketing message, according to results from a study conducted by Nielsen and the Association for National Advertisers (ANA). In keeping with that outlook, respondents predict that multi-screen campaigns will comprise an average of 49.3% of media spend in 2016, up from 20% this year. Some attributes will drive that spending lift more than others.

Given a list of of attributes and asked how likely each would be to lead them to increase spending on integrated multi-screen campaigns, respondents pointed first to verification that advertising achieved the desired result, with 71% giving that a top-box rating on a 5-point scale of likelihood. It’s of course not surprising that good results would spur more spending. The next-biggest driver is more illustrative of the challenges inherent to multi-screen advertising: consistent metrics across screens. About 6 in 10 respondents said that consistent metrics would be very likely to spur increased spending. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.