Consumers' Inclination To Try New Things, October 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Consumers' Inclination To Try New Things

Americans appear to be more cautious than citizens of other countries when it comes to trying out new things, according to newly-released survey results from Ipsos OTX. 48% of US respondents agreed (top-2 box on a 5-point scale) that they’d rather wait for something to catch on before trying it, compared to 37% of respondents across the 25-country sample. Just 20% of US respondents disagreed (bottom-2 box) with that statement, versus 32% of the respondents globally. Within the US, caution tends to be higher among men and older age groups.

Among male respondents, 53% agreed that they’re prefer to wait for something to catch on while just 16% disagreed. By comparison, 43% of females were more conservative, while 25% tend to be willing to wade in early.

While one might expect youth to be more at the leading edge, the gap between the youngest and oldest age brackets was not that great. 45% of the 18-34 group agreed that they’d wait for something to catch on, versus 22% who disagreed. The corresponding figures for the 50-64 group were 51% and 17%, respectively. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.