Unique Visitors Per Year To Top Social Media Sites, 2008-2015 [CHART]

Chart - Unique Visitors Per Year To Top Social Media Sites

YouTube’s US traffic is closing in on Facebook, and could eventually surpass the top social network in a matter of years.

The data come from How Much Media? 2013, a new report from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

The study relies on Nielsen, comScore, analysts and company disclosures for its statistics, and suggests that Facebook’s 31 million unique visitors lead from 2012 will drop to 14 million by 2015. Facebook reported declines in its US user base as far back as 2011. In its quarterly earnings reports, the company combines the US and Canada in reporting its monthly active userbase — and that number has largely flatlined in the past year or so (international growth has trended better for Facebook). Read the rest at MarketingLand.