Who Benefits From Personal Data Exchange, October 2013 [TABLE]

Table  - Who Benefits From Personal Data Exchange

About 7 in 10 executives selling to B2C and B2B customers (“sellers”) believe that those customers are willing to share their personal information if they see a benefit to doing so, per results from a Forbes Insights and Turn study. The customers themselves are a bit less likely to agree, though: 53% of B2C customers and 45% of B2B respondents claim to be generally willing to share information where there’s a benefit involved. Part of the reason may be that customers feel that sellers benefit more than they do from the exchange.

Indeed, asked who benefits most when companies collect, analyze and act upon information obtained from their dealings with them, 60% of B2C respondents pointed to the seller, with just 2% feeling that individual customers benefit most. B2B buyers were less one-sided in their responses: one-third said the seller benefits most, while another 13% believe that all benefit, but mostly the seller. By comparison 18% feel that groups of customers benefit, while 13% believe their company benefits most. (Just 14% feel that it’s an equal exchange, with all parties benefitting to the same degree.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.