Top 10 Advertising Sectors By RTB Market Share, H1 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Top 10 Advertising Sectors By RTB Market Share

Retail is by far the largest advertising sector by real-time bidding market share, outspending other sectors such as auto, financial, telecom, and travel, according to a report from Casale Media covering Index activity during the first half of the year. Almost half of retail sector spending comes from two sub-categories: apparel and footwear (24% of Q2 spending) and house and home (23% share), with those sub-categories alone accounting for more spending in Q2 than some entire sectors, including media, education and health.

Brand adoption of real-time bidding (RTB) continues to grow rapidly. Following strong growth at the end of 2012, the overall number of brands participating in RTB increased by 69% between Q4 2012 and Q2 2013, according to the report. AT&T was the top spending brand by a significant margin throughout the first half of the year, spending more than 5 times the next-largest spender – GM – during Q1, and about 50% more than the next-largest – Priceline – during Q2. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.