Instagram Video Sharing, October 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Instagram Video Sharing

40% of the 1,000 most-shared Instagram videos last month were branded, says Unruly in newly-released data. By comparison, previous data from Unruly has indicated that branded content represented just 4% of the top 100 Vines tracked earlier this year, while only 1% of content in the Unruly Viral Video Chart Top 100 Most Shared Videos was branded at that time. Unruly’s latest data shows that MTV was the most shared brand on Instagram last month, itself accounting for 84 of the top 1,000 most-shared videos, for 134,100 total shares.

Those numbers pale into comparison to those enjoyed by Justin Bieber: boasting 14 of the top 20 most shared user-generated Instagram videos, his top 3 alone attracted a total of more than half-a-million shares.

Still, some brands are seeing sharing figures that are hard to ignore. Peanuts – which, along with NBA and GoPro was among the top 5 most-shared brands – saw its Snoopygram video shared almost 27,000 times during the month. EA Sports’ FIFA 14 real-time spot attracted 16,499 shares, while a promo for HBO’s Girls attracted 15,376 shares. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.