Conversion Rates For Mobile App Promotion Ads By Format & OS, Q2 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Conversion Rates For Mobile App Promotion Ads By Format & OS

Mobile apps are themselves frequently a part of a brand’s marketing efforts, but they too must be marketed or consumers may never know they exist. Mobile ads are an obvious choice for app promotion, since a call to action can encourage immediate download.

But with numerous formats available, how can advertisers figure out where to best focus their efforts? According to the October 2013 “App Insight Report” from InMobi, interstitials advertising mobile apps garner a conversion rate of just over 3% on devices running Google’s Android operating system. For mobile apps on Apple’s iOS, text ads for apps had the highest conversion rate, clocking in at close to 2%. Banner ads, meanwhile, had a conversion rate of 1.12% on Android and 1.4% on iOS. Interestingly, expandables proved to be much more effective on iOS than on Android, suggesting that user interactions with ads were significantly different on the two operating systems. Read the rest at eMarketer.