Mobile Ad Traffic & Monetization Performance By Device, Q3 2012 vs Q3 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Ad Traffic & Monetization Performance By Device

Among mobile platforms, Apple’s iOS continues to outpace Android in monetization performance on the Opera Advertising mobile platform, as Opera details in a report covering platform activity in Q3 2013. Looking just at smartphones, the iPhone (31%) and Android smartphones (30.3%) may have been running neck and neck in terms of traffic share, but iPhones generated 36.4% of publisher revenue compared to just 27.3% for Android. The iPad similarly punches above its traffic share when it comes to revenue generation.

At 8.9% of traffic on the platform, the iPad dwarfs Android tablet (1%) traffic. But while Android tablets generate less than half that proportion (0.46%) of revenues for publishers, iPads generate an outsized 10.3% of revenues.

All told (and including the iPod Touch), iOS devices accounted for 44.4% of traffic and 49.5% of revenues, compared to 31.3% and 27.7%, respectively, for Android devices. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.