Global eCPM Averages, Q1-Q3 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Global eCPM Averages

Global eCPM averages remained fairly steady on a quarter-over-quarter basis across display, mobile, and video channels, particularly when compared to trends from prior quarters, according to Turn’s “Global Digital Audience Report” covering Q3 activity. Display ads saw the largest relative change, as eCPMs averaged out at $1.28 in September, up 4.9% from $1.22 in June following a 16% increase during the prior quarter. After sporting double-digit increases between Q1 and Q2, mobile and video eCPMs showed only marginal changes during the past quarter.

average eCPM inched up a cent from $1.01 in June to $1.02 in September, a relatively inconsequential 0.9% increase. Online video, the most expensive option, remained basically on par with the prior quarter, with eCPMs averaging $10.97 in September from $11.03 in June, a 0.54% decrease.

The increase in display ad eCPM was attributed to increased activity at the end of Q3 for back-to-school campaigns, while mobile’s flat prices are the result of a hike in impressions keeping pace with demand, according to the analysts. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.