Barcode Scanners By Age, Q3 2011 vs. Q3 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Barcode Scanners By Age

ScanLife has released its latest quarterly Mobile Barcode Trend Report in which it reports rising activity now exceeding 181 scans per minute around the world, with 35-44-year-old women the most active scanners. During Q3, 34% of mobile barcode scanners were in the 45-54 (19%) or 55+ (15%) age groups. While that’s not much of a change from Q2 (33%) and Q1 (32%) totals, it marks a much larger change from 2 years ago, when just 19% of scanners fell into those age groups.

The increase in share among older age groups appears to be coming primarily at the expense of the 18-34-year-old demo, which has shrunk from 51% of scanners in Q1 2012 to 35% in Q3 2013. What that means is that there are now about as many scanners aged 45 and up as there are aged 18-34.

One other demographic trend is very slowly emerging this year: an increased proportion of female scanners. During Q1, 35% of scanners were women, a figure which has very gradually increased to 36% in Q2 and 37% in Q3. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.