Global Connected TV Penetration Forecast, 2010-2018 [CHART]

Chart - Global Connected TV Penetration Forecast

About 1 in 10 TV sets across 40 countries around the world were connected to the internet last year, according to recent estimates [PDF] released by Digital TV Research. That translates to about 228 million sets last year – a number that’s forecast to soar to almost 760 million by 2018. That would represent 26.8% of TV sets across those countries. Much of the growth will take place outside of the US, which is estimated to this year account for one-third of connected TVs, with that proportion falling to 23.5% by 2018.

By contrast, about 1 in 6 connected TVs will be in China by 2018, up from just 6.6% at the end of this year. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.