US Tablet Coupon Users, 2012-2015 [CHART]

Chart - US Tablet Coupon Users

For the first time, eMarketer has included estimates for US adult tablet users in our digital coupon user forecast. Shopping is one of the most popular activities for tablet users, and, unsurprisingly, consumers are using tablets to find and redeem coupons, primarily at home. The number of tablet coupon users grew dramatically in 2012 as tablet usage crossed over to the mainstream market. This year, 47.1 million people ages 18 and older, or 45.0% of tablet users, will redeem a coupon obtained from an app, mobile internet, QR code, or SMS on a tablet. This is up 45.6% from 2012, and double-digit growth is anticipated through 2015. eMarketer expects that by this point, the tablet coupon user audience will be more than twice the size it was in 2012. Read the rest at eMarketer.