Preferred Social Logins, Q2 2011-Q3 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Preferred Social Logins

The social login presents the potential elimination of a friction point for users asked to register with a site before accessing content, making use of online services or simply converting. As the online ecosystem grows increasingly complex, users are being asked to remember the logins and passwords of an ever-growing list of websites and services. Social logins eliminate that problem by allowing visitors to use an existing social network or email identity to register at a website.

The user management platform Janrain has been tracking the use of social logins on a variety of types of websites over the past few years. According to data from Q3 2013, Facebook was the overall favorite among users who wanted social identification, named by 44.9% of respondents. Google was next in line at 32.9%, followed by Yahoo! (7.1%), Twitter (6.5%), LinkedIn (2.4%) and Microsoft (1.9%). Read the rest at eMarketer.