Consumer Attitudes Toward Brand Connections, October 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Consumer Attitudes Toward Brand Connections

Brands are failing to perform in the areas consumers deem most important to building and maintaining connections with them, details a new study from Edelman. The researchers surveyed 11,000 online consumers who reported participating in a minimum of one brand engaging activity (such as following a brand on Twitter) in the previous year. The study, which took place across 8 countries and measured attitudes to the performance of 48 multinational brands and about 30 “local” brands per country, identifies some areas where brands are far behind in meeting consumer needs.

The biggest gap between importance and performance came in the area of “communicating openly and transparently about how products are sourced and made.” While 54% of respondents considered that an important area (top-2 box on a 5-point scale) for brands to build and maintain connections with them, just 12% on average believed that the statement applied to the brands in question. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.