CMOs Feel Unprepared For Big Data & Social Media, October 2013 [CHART]

Chart - CMOs Feel Unprepared For Big Data & Social Media

Back in 2011, an IBM study made headlines for its finding that 71% of global CMOs felt unprepared for the explosion of data occurring in the marketplace. Fast forward 2 years, and have things improved? Not according to the latest IBM study, which surveyed more than 500 CMOs from around the world, finding this time that 82% feel underprepared for the “data explosion.” Something else remains a big problem: figuring out social media.

This year, 67% of respondents said they feel underprepared for social media, essentially flat from the 68% of CMOs who concurred 2 years ago. While CMOs are feeling overwhelmed by both social media and big data, they forecast increased investments in each, according to recent research.

CMOs believe that a variety of technological tools can better help them meet their goals, per the IBM study, ranging from advanced analytics (94%) and mobile applications (94%) to CRM (89%), collaboration tools (87%), content management (81%) and data security (72%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.