Primary Business Objective By Media, July 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Primary Business Objective By Media

Marketers looking to get the greatest return on investment (ROI) from various digital ad spending formats must confront a variety of different metrics and approaches best suited for each unique channel. Paid search, social ads and online display are three of the key digital ad tactics, and marketers worldwide reported to research firm Econsultancy, in a July 2013 survey in conjunction with Adobe, that each one serves a slightly different mix of goals.

Nearly the same percentage—just fewer than two out of five client-side marketers—used each of these channels for lead generation, with this as the top objective for both online display and social ads. Marketers were far more likely to use paid search, over social and display, to generate direct online sales. Social advertising showed the greatest implementation for branding purposes, when compared with the other two approaches. And about the same percentage of marketers—just fewer than one out of five—used each of the three tactics to increase traffic. Read the rest at eMarketer.