Americans' Corporate Social Responsibility-Related Actions, October 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Americans' Corporate Social Responsibility-Related ActionsC

Americans are looking to get engaged with brands’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, and many will punish brands for irresponsible behavior, says Cone Communications in newly-released data. The new figures expand on earlier data concerning the attitudes of citizens on a global scale, this time delving further into the attitudes of American respondents. According to the survey results, 88% of Americans would stop buying a company’s products if they learned of the company’s irresponsible or deceptive business practices. Roughly half that proportion (42%) claim to have done so in the past year.

Interestingly, that figure lagged the global average of 55% having boycotted a brand.

While fewer Americans (29%) have researched a company’s business practices or support of social and environmental issues, some 38% have told friends or family about a company’s corporate responsibility efforts and 54% have bought a product with a social and/or environmental benefit.

4 in 10 Americans Have Boycotted A Brand In the Past Year Due to Its Irresponsible Behavior