How Brand Responses To Reviews Affect Consumer Perceptions, October 2013 [CHART]

Chart - How Brand Responses To Reviews Affect Consumer Perceptions

Brands can spin feedback – even negative – into positive results, says Bazaarvoice in the latest edition [PDF] of its Conversation Index. 7 in 10 survey respondents indicated that a brand’s response to an online consumer review changes their perception of a brand, most commonly by making them feel that the brand really cares about customers (41%), that it has great customer service (35%), and that it is trustworthy (22%). What’s more, shoppers who read brand responses to negative reviews showed significantly higher product sentiment and intent to purchase.

There are different types of negative feedback, of course, which require different responses from brands. Even so, brand responses appear to increase sentiment in each scenario.

To test the impact of brand responses, Bazaarvoice divided its survey respondents into 2 groups: a control group (that comprised half of the sample) which saw negative reviews for a variety of products; and a test group which saw the same reviews, but also with a company response. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.