Change In Ad Spending With African American Media, 2011-2012 [CHART]

Chart - Change In Ad Spending With African American Media

The Black or African-American population numbered 44.5 million as of July 2012, per recent Census Bureau estimates, translating to roughly 14% of the US population. A new study from Nielsen finds that despite African-Americans being the largest racial minority in the US (Hispanics are an ethnic minority), advertisers allocated just 3% of the $75 billion they spent last year on TV, magazines, the internet and radio to media focused on Black audiences.

In fact, ad spending targeted to Black audiences fell on a year-over-year basis across network TV, national magazines, internet, and spot radio, increasing only on syndicated and cable TV.

Were advertisers to match black Americans’ consumption patterns, they should be spending 44% more on education and career websites, 38% more on streaming websites, 37% more on TV (with special attention paid to cable), and 15% more on mobile ads, per the study. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.