B2B Marketers Perceptions Of ROI By Channel, September 2013 [CHART]

Chart - B2B Marketers Perceptions Of ROI By Channel

B2B marketers hold trade shows and events in high regard when it comes to their return on investment (ROI), according to [PDF] a report from Sagefrog Marketing Group. The study asked respondents to identify from a short list of areas those they felt gave their company the most ROI. Trade shows and events emerged with the largest share of respondents (36%), ahead of the other options, which included online marketing (33%), email marketing (21%) and PR (20%). While those are broad areas, this isn’t the first time B2B marketers have rated trade shows and events as being highly effective.

A recent survey from ABM found that when asked to rate a range of platforms in terms of their success in creating awareness of new products or services among existing customers, B2B marketers put face-to-face event attendance at the top, with 89% rating it successful. Face-to-face event attendance was also the top response for marketers when asked to rate the platforms based on their ability to generate targeted leads of prospective new buyers. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.