Mobile Facebook Ad ROI vs. Desktop Facebook Ad ROI, September 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Facebook Ad ROI vs. Desktop Facebook Ad ROI

Facebook has made a big push to enhance its advertising opportunities by rolling out both mobile ads and the Facebook Exchange (FBX) ad-buying platform—two of the social giant’s most high-profile efforts to increase ad revenue. Now that both mobile ads and Facebook Exchange (FBX) have been around for a little while, marketers are beginning to assess their efficacy.

When it comes to Facebook ads on mobile vs. desktop, the results seem to be moving in mobile’s favor. In a September 2013 survey by RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age, 35% of US marketers found the return on investment (ROI) from mobile at least somewhat greater than from desktop. That’s compared to a lesser 27% who rated desktop’s ROI as better. The remaining 38% of respondents saw mobile and desktop Facebook ads as offering about the same ROI. Read the rest at eMarketer.