Email Tactics' Effectiveness On Engagement, September 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Email Tactics' Effectiveness On Engagement

Email practices – from signup to unsubscribe – have significantly changed over the past 5 years, details Return Path in a recent study. Brands are asking for less information at sign-up, are more commonly starting their relationships with a welcome email (but less frequently with an offer), and are making the unsubscribe process easier. But which of these practices appear to be working for brands today?

Return Path set out to answer this question by analyzing the results for a variety of practices employed by brands and comparing them against the performance of brands not employing those practices.

Requisite – and very important – disclaimers apply here: these results are not necessarily prescriptive, and could very well differ by list. Identifying and comparing single variables in email practices may also ignore the impact of other variables, such as sender reputation. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.