Stages At Which Consumers Visit Pharmaceuticals Websites, 2012 & 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Stages At Which Consumers Visit Pharmaceuticals Websites

Overall, advertising appeared to have little effect on driving traffic to pharma websites, with web ads seeming to have less impact on internet users than either television or magazine ads. In fact, referrals to pharma websites were led by physicians; 42% of respondents said a physician’s referral would be the most likely reason they would head to a pharma website. Next were news articles (33%), recommendations (30%), television ads (25%) and drug discount cards (14%). Only 11% cited web ads.

Web users were also most likely to visit pharma websites following a diagnosis, rather than after they experienced symptoms or before they’d filled a prescription. That indicates that consumers are most often seeking information about pharmaceutical products once they know what their illness is and are assessing various treatment options available to them. Read the rest at eMarketer.