eCommerce Conversion Rates By Device, Q2 2012 – Q2 2013 [CHART]

Chart - eCommerce Conversion Rates By Device

During the second quarter of the year, tablet traffic converted as well as traffic from traditional computers, while maintaining a similar average order value (AOV), according to the latest quarterly e-commerce report from Monetate. Tablet traffic converted at an average rate of 2.54%, on par with computers’ average rate of 2.56%, with smartphone conversion rates continuing to lag far behind at 0.96%, though that was an improvement from prior quarters. The three device types were more closely aligned in terms of average order values.

Computers led with an AOV of $115.74, compared to $113.15 for tablet tablets and $112.73 for smartphones.

[Editor’s note: Monetate’s previous report covering Q1 had found tablets converting at a higher rate than computers, while data from this latest report indicates that the opposite was true for Q1. The discrepancy owes to a different random sample of clients being used for each quarterly report.] Read the rest at MarketingCharts.