Television & Movie Streaming Audiences By Generation, September 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Television & Movie Streaming Audiences By Generation

The audience for streaming TV and movies has grown significantly over the past few years, finds GfK in a new report. 51% of Americans aged 13-54 now watch TV programs or movies using streaming video at least once a week, according to the researchers, with those figures (predictably) highest for the youngest age group (13-33), of whom 62% stream weekly. Streaming video is popular among Gen Xers (34-47) too, at 46% of respondents, but less so among Boomers (48-54; 30%).

While GfK says that 51% of the US population watches streaming video weekly, it’s important to note that the survey was limited to 13-54-year-olds. According to the Census Bureau, there were almost 82 million Americans aged 55 and older as of July last year. Given the age trend in streaming video viewing, it’s likely that audiences in the 55+ segment would be smaller, dragging down the overall average. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.