Traditional TV vs. Online Video Consumption Among Millennials, Q1 2011 – Q2 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Traditional TV vs. Online Video Consumption Among Millennials

Online video has become an increasingly popular advertising channel, with many marketers shifting budgets from TV to fund those efforts. Such a response might imply that traditional TV consumption is falling off a cliff, succumbing to the soaring rise of online video. While TV and online video consumption are no doubt linked, looking only at their isolated trends can prove misleading, masking what continues to be a vast gap in consumption.

[Disclaimer: this is an agnostic look at consumption figures. It does not take into account attention paid to the medium, advertising effectiveness, or other such variables, for which one medium may be preferred to the other. It is simply an attempt to put in context the amount of time being spent with these various media.] Read the rest at MarketingCharts.