Smart Phone Users' Attitudes Toward Ad Tracking, September 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Smart Phone Users' Attitudes Toward Ad Tracking

About 7 in 10 smartphone users are aware that advertisers track their mobile activities in order to deliver targeted ads based on their behavior. Of this group, a resounding 69% said they don’t like it, with only a fraction in favor, per new study results from TRUSTe. The study paints a picture of a concerned smartphone owner, with 78% of adult application users saying they won’t download an app they don’t trust. The study comes on the heels of research from Pew indicating that around half of teen app users have avoided apps due to privacy concerns.

The TRUSTe study suggests that smartphone owners (aged 18 and up) are hesitant to share personal data. Only 38% said they definitively would exchange some data for a free or lower-cost application, compared to 43% who would not do so. The remaining 19% were on the fence. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.