College Students' Attitudes Toward Brands On Social Media, August 2013 [CHART]

Chart - College Students' Attitudes Toward Brands On Social Media

While nearly all college students have a Facebook account and three-quarters a Twitter account, roughly 4 in 10 don’t like to follow brands and about 1 in 8 don’t believe brands should be on social media at all, according to survey results from Concentric Marketing. Those are just a couple of the surprising results contained in the study, which also finds that only a fraction of students feel that ads need to be more interactive.

Turning to the social media results, the study reveals that close to 7 in 10 respondents follow 3 or fewer brands across all social media. About 8% of respondents said they often start to follow brands but then unfollow them, while 7% reported having followed brands but that there are now too many brands on social media. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.