Viewership Growth For Digital TV Online & Mobile Video, 2012-2017 [CHART]

Chart - Viewership Growth For Digital TV Online & Mobile Video

Thanks to hits like Netflix’s “House of Cards,” it now matters little whether a show is delivered via cable, broadcast or Wi-Fi, or whether it’s viewed on a TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Consumers are making viewing decisions purely on the strength of the content, and advertisers are following their cues. These tectonic shifts in how programs are funded, distributed and viewed represent the biggest disruption in the television industry since the advent of cable.

Growth in overall digital and mobile viewing represents critical mass for content creators on new media platforms. There will be 204.6 million US digital video viewers in 2017, representing 78.1% of internet users and 62.7% of the general population. That’s an increase from 182.5 million in 2013, or 75.0% of internet users and 57.7% of US residents. Read  the rest at eMarketer.