Longevity Of Top Brands' Tumblr Reblogs [CHART]

Chart - Longevity Of Top Brands' Tumblr Reblogs

Understanding social media posts’ reach and engagement is an important issue for marketers, and one aspect of that effort regards the half-life of a post. Recent data indicates that Facebook posts have an extremely short half-life, while YouTube video views are distributed over a longer period of time. A new study from SimplyMeasured suggests that when it comes to Tumblr post engagement, brands can enjoy a shelf-life more in keeping with a YouTube video than a Facebook post. The SimplyMeasured analysis is based on the Interbrand 100′s activity on Tumblr during a monthlong period from July 5th through August 4th. During that period, 31 of the brands maintained a Tumblr account, according to the study, with 21 active. Of all the reblogs of brand posts made during that time period, almost two-thirds occurred more than a day after the initial post, and almost half more than a week later. Among all reblogs, 24% occurred for posts made more than 2 months earlier. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.