Facebook Exchange Ad Performance, H1 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Facebook Exchange Ad Performance

Facebook exchange (FBX) units can deliver an ROI comparable to other search and direct response channels, but that’s more likely to be the case for dynamic than static units, according to new data released by Kenshoo Social. Based on more than 1 billion ads delivered through Kenshoo Social during the first half of the year, the research indicates that the average ROI for dynamic ads was $8.10, a figure on par with the $8+ average for Kenshoo’s overall customer base, which includes search, social and direct response clients.

Static ads had an average ROI of just $4.50, though. (Dynamic units are defined as “ads created on-the-fly via product feeds,” while static units as “ads with preset image and copy.”) Read the rest at MakretingCharts.