Top Global Brands' Twitter Behavior, August 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Top Global Brands' Twitter Behavior

Research has suggested that over-communication by brands on social networks can have negative effects. So how many times should brands tweet without turning off their followers? It seems that global brands are betting on at least 30 tweets per week, according to a report from Brandwatch. The study selected a sample of 253 top brands around the world (such as Dell, NBA, and Facebook), finding that 145 (57%) tweeted 30 times per week or more during the study period.

Comparing US to UK brands, the researchers found that the former were far more active than the latter. US brands tweeted an average of 221 times per week, compared to 30 times for UK brands. That high US figure might have been the result of an outlier, though – the study suggests that the maximum number of tweets per week for US brands was 2500, a fairly astonishing result. The median number of tweets per week might be a better gauge then, and the gap was narrower in that analysis: the media number of times per week a top US brand tweeted was 32; it was 23 for UK brands. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.