iPhone & iPad Use By Hour Of The Day, May 2013 [CHART]

Chart - iPhone & iPad Use By Hour Of The Day

When it comes to mobile device use, the prevailing wisdom is that tablets are mostly used at home, while smartphones are more often used on-the-go. Still, various pieces of research of late have suggested that the majority of smartphone use takes place in the home. Now, a new study from Flurry indicates that, at least when it comes to application usage, iPhones and iPads show a surprisingly similar distribution of time spent during the day, with consumption rising gradually in the morning hours before peaking in the evening.

The researchers believe the similarities could be a result of “varied lifestyles.” Separately, the study breaks down the share of iOS devices by persona, showing, for example, that new mothers are more likely to be using iPhones than iPads, while the opposite is true for small business owners. As a result, new mothers might be found using apps at home during the day, while small business owners might be heavily using their iPads during work hours. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.