Millennials' Changing Alcoholic Beverage Preferences, 1992-1994 vs 2012-2013 [CHART]

60% of American adults drink alcohol at least occasionally, according to new survey results from Gallup. While that hasn’t changed much in the last, well, 75 years or so, drinkers’ preferences have shifted considerably in the past 20 years. And in no age group has that shift been more pronounced than in the 18-29 crowd. Among these young drinkers, 41% say they drink beer most regularly. That’s down from 71% of drinkers of that age 20 years ago.

The results are based on a comparison of Gallup’s annual “Consumption Habits” poll from 2012 and 2013 to results from 1992-1994. While the share of young drinkers saying they most often drink beer has dropped by 30% points, the proportion who prefer drinking wine has grown by 10% points, to 24%, while the corresponding figure for liquor is now 28%, up from 13% a couple of decades ago. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.