Demand For Brand-Related Mobile Alerts, 2009-2013 [CHART]

Chart - Demand For Brand-Related Mobile Alerts

45% of mobile phone owners claim to be at least somewhat interested in receiving mobile offers, assuming they gave permission, per results from a Placecast survey conducted within the US by Harris Interactive. That’s a big jump from 31% last year, and 26% back in 2009. The study also finds that the vast majority of those who find location-based alerts useful also feel that such alerts would be more relevant to them than traditional coupons.

A quick point regarding the survey’s methodology is worth noting. In terms of interest in mobile offers, the survey specifically asked:

“Assuming you gave permission, how interested would you be in receiving mobile alerts about new products, sales and/or promotions from your favorite merchants, restaurants, or stores on your cell phone/smartphone?” Read the rest at MarketingCharts.