Demographics Of Brand-Sponsored Online Contest Participants, August 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Demographics Of Brand-Sponsored Online Contest Participants

52% of American female internet users say they’ve entered an online contest or sweepstakes sponsored by a brand or product, per the latest survey wave release from Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange. The survey, conducted in early March, tracked the proportion of respondents who had entered such a contest in the prior month, finding American women about 41% more likely than American men to have done so (52% vs. 37%). Online Americans appear to more enticed by brand-sponsored contests than the average consumer from around the world.

Overall, 44% of online Americans said they’d entered a sponsored online contest in the prior month, compared to the 32% average across the 24 countries measured.

Interestingly, among online users in the US, the 18-34 group (39%) was less likely to have entered costs or sweepstakes than the 35-49 (47%) and 50-64 groups (48%). While there wasn’t much of a range when sorting by household income, likelihood of participating in these activities tended to rise alongside education level, reaching 50% among those categorized as having a high level of educational attainment. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.