Fortune 500 CEOs' Social Media Presence, May 2012 vs. May 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Fortune 500 CEOs' Social Media Presence

A recent survey of senior executives found most believing that a CEO’s presence on a social media site canboost the company’s credibility. A new study from and DOMO suggests that these senior executives might be disappointed, at least if they work at Fortune 500 companies. The researchers reveal that only 32% of the CEOs have a presence on at least one of the major social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+). That’s not much of a change from last year’s 30%.

Both studies were conducted as snapshots in May, so it’s possible that the figures have moved since then. It’s also worth noting that there were 502 CEOs tracked this year (2 companies have co-CEOs), and 498 last year. Percentages for both years are based off these numbers. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

During this segment of the Beyond Social Media podcast, we discuss with wisdom of having CEOs become active on social media: