Effect Of Tweets On TV Ratings By Genre, August 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Effect Of Tweets On TV Ratings By Genre

A few months ago, Nielsen released a study that found an increase in Twitter volume about live TV correlated with an increase in TV ratings across varying age groups. Now Nielsen is out with another study, with a bit more of a definitive tone. Most notably, the term “correlation” from the previous research has been replaced by “causal influence” in this one. Per the researchers, “the volume of tweets caused significant changes in live TV ratings among 29 percent of the [221 broadcast primetime program] episodes” sampled.

To arrive at that conclusion, Nielsen says it analyzed “minute-to-minute trends in Nielsen’s live TV ratings and tweets for 221 broadcast primetime program episodes using Nielsen’s SocialGuide.”

It’s worth noting that a statistically significant causal influence was only found in 29% of the episodes studied. In other words, there was no statistically significant impact for 71% of the episodes sampled. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.