Media Spend Channel Efficiency, Q2 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Media Spend Channel Efficiency

During the second quarter of this year, social outperformed portals, networks, and exchanges in user quality index – a measure that refers to a channel’s ability to reach a user that can be marketed to consistently – according to the latest quarterly “Global Media Intelligence Report” from Aggregate Knowledge. The study, which analyzed roughly 130 billion ad events, 34 billion impressions and 72 million conversions, found that social ads performed 14% better than the industry overall in delivering such quality users. However, the gap between social and other channels appears to be steadily narrowing.

That’s because in Q1, social performed 65% above-average in this metric, while in Q4 it was 96% above-average. Exchanges appear to be on an upward trend, closing in on the normalized average, after being 69% below-average just a couple of quarters ago. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.