B2B Use Of CRM Systems, July 2013 [TABLE]

Table - B2B Use Of CRM Systems

89% of B2B marketers and salespeople say that the amount of price pressure they’re feeling from customers and buyers has increased over the past 3 years, making it more difficult to close high-margin sales, according to [PDF] results from a Corporate Visions survey. Two-thirds say that despite having a sales methodology in place, they aren’t good at managing the tensions during pricing negotiations, and 81% agree that CRM systems don’t always capture or provide the information needed when they’re trying to close a high-margin deal.

Part of the problem appears to be a reluctance to fully leverage those systems. While 87% of the respondents said they’re required to use a CRM system to track their activities, 79% admitted that they only “check the boxes.” Read the rest at MarketingCharts.